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Automated Hands-free Pet Care

My daughter loves her cat named Lisa.  

This is Lisa Cat.


Lisa is a beloved member of our family and has her own Facebook site.  I want to take good care of her.  Alas, I tried to keep the litter box area clean and fresh water in Lisa’s bowl every day, but because I absolutely HATE don’t like going near the litter box, and sometimes it would be five or more a couple days before I talked myself into just getting the job done.  

We had a nice litter box.  It was supposedly hands-free.  It simply rocked to one side, the waste went into a little receptacle and when rocked back, the clean litter went where it was supposed to go.  Well, I still had to touch the litter box, wash it out every month twice each year and  often sometimes scoop.  

Oh, and I had to keep the little water bowl full of fresh water daily.  Well, some days it looked like there was enough water in the bowl and besides, my hands were full of laundry I was carrying as I checked the water bowl… so it could last  another day.  

I started to worry about pet neglect my cat not getting enough water, running out of food, having an unhealthy litter box…and then I started to worry that my cat was walking around my house after using the litter box…and then I thought I should clean the litter box and check the water bowl I should look for a better solution.  

Here it is.  My hands-free pet care system.  I have the Cat Genie, fresh unlimited filtered water with 52 oz reservoir tank, and timed feeding system.  


So, for about 2 months I have not touched the litter box.  I just smile as I walk by knowing my cat has clean, sanitized box every time she steps in.  I have filled the water reservoir 3 times in 2 months and the feeder twice in 2 months. Ahhhhh.  Life is a little easier.  

(I should state that I am fully capable of filling a water bowl, emptying a litter box, checking and filling the food dish.  However, I reviewed my list of daily chores and priorities and these things were nuisances even though I really do love our cat.  I’d rather spend more time making sure my family has good food to eat and clean beds to sleep in. (Stay tuned for more about this in future posts)
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