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Using’s Wish Lists to save time

How I  use’s Wish List feature:

I have several Wish List’s at   I can access the lists from any computer by signing into my account on Amazon.  

 screen shot of

Gift ideas for others. 

  • Each member of my family has an Amazon Wish List under my Amazon Account.  
  • I keep track of ideas for birthdays and holidays.  I can copy/paste or share the list with others with a couple of clicks.
  • I choose to keep the lists private instead of public, and add/delete items at will. 
  • At Christmas, I copy/paste into Word, then divide my daughter’s list and give everyone different lists. 
  • When I email the list, the links are intact, so they can see a picture of the item, cost, etc. 
  • My extended family doesn’t shop on Amazon as avidly as I do, so they often use the list as a guide and find the items at local stores. 
  • If I hear my daughter or husband express an interest in some gadget, toy, movie, etc., the next time I’m on Amazon (which is too often to admit), I search for the item or similar items and add them to the proper wish list. 
  • Next occasion for a gift, I simply go to the wish list, click a few buttons, and in a few days the gift is delivered to my door.  This saves me a LOT of time. 
  • I have used the Amazon iPhone application to order gifts while waiting in line or on the bus to/from work.  HUGE time saver. 

Gift ideas for myself. 

  • I have found that the more specific I am about my gift list, the easier it is on my family. 
  • I also keep this list private and sometimes fill it up with things that would be fun to have and sometimes delete everything and start over. 
  • With a couple of clicks, I can send my husband a list of ideas.  He appreciates the ease of being able to add the item to his shopping cart and have it shipped, usually without shipping charges.  : )  

Household items. 

  • Sometimes I read or hear about an item that seems interesting and decide to research it online. 
  • I might add this to my (private)  Household Wish List while I contemplate whether I want to add it to our household. 
  • I sometimes take weeks or months to read reviews, watch prices, etc.  In that time, I have lost paper-based lists and forgotten about ideas, but with the online wish list, it’s always there to return to and think about.  (I’m still thinking about that French Press Travel Mug….) 

FYI:  Amazon has a Universal Wish List feature, so I can add any item I find online, not just on the Amazon website.